OlaSprout- Why It Is The Best Starter Spoon

OlaSprout Baby Spoon Product Review

Hi there readers, this week I want to write about the OlaSprout spoon.  At my son’s 3 month check-up his pediatrician told me that if he was mimicking our eating and showing an interest in food that we could start him with some oatmeal, rice cereal or quinoa and gradually introduce other foods (waiting at least four days between new foods).  Of course this was just to get him used to foods and new flavors, his primary food source was still breast milk.  We waited a couple of weeks until he was closer to four months old but in preparation we went on over to our local BuyBuyBaby and shopped for our baby feeding utensils.  We picked up a large pack of Tommee Tippee spoons thinking they were just what we needed.  I got them home washed and sanitized them in preparation for Jasper’s first experience with spoon feeding.  His first meal was runny baby oatmeal (yum right?) anyhow, what a freakin’ mess!  I know feeding a baby is a messy task, but this just wasn’t working at all.  It may have been due to the consistency of the oatmeal but I truly feel that the fault fell on these spoons.  The spoon worked more like a ladle and I had to sort of pour the food into Jasper’s mouth sideways.  THERE HAD TO BE AN EASIER WAY…

Amazon to the rescue… I searched baby spoons and came across the OlaSprout silicone spoon set.  Months ago I had read a pin on Pinterest something that included “favorite baby items for 2016” and this spoon set was on it!  They immediately went into my Amazon shopping cart, these spoons were a little pricey at $14.95 for a set of two but I was desperate.  In order to get free one day shipping I added a few other items to my cart as well,  I never have a hard time finding more to buy on Amazon.  The shipment arrived early the next day and in no time at all, the spoons were clean and sterilized and ready to try out.  They come in cute packaging and there are two spoons one light green and one dark.  I immediately fell in love with the feel of the OlaSprout, it fit comfortably in my hand as well as Jasper’s little baby hand.  The tip of the spoon is flexible and fairly flat which makes it easy to fit in a little baby mouth and then squeegee the food off baby’s face.  We had handed Jasper one of the two spoons while feeding him with the other… it was like magic, like he knew what to do, he started mimicking us again and it appeared that he was trying to spoon feed himself at just under 4 months old!  Even though he wasn’t exactly successful in his self spoon feeding, the design of the spoon seemed to encourage him to hold it the correct way to feed himself. The silicone also seems to feel good on baby gums and the OlaSprout quickly became a teether for Jasper while he was between bites of his oatmeal.  I truly love these spoons and two is plenty for us.  One of the spoons went into my diaper bag for meals away from home and the other pretty much lives on my Boon drying rack when not in use.

So here are the highlights of the OlaSprout silicone spoon…

  • It is soft and flexible
  • Comfortable handle to hold in adult hand as well as baby hand
  • Shape of the spoon makes it easy to get food in baby’s mouth
  • Flat edges of the spoon makes it easy to squeegee food off of baby’s face and back into mouth
  • Overall shape and design of the spoon seems to promote proper utensil holding by baby
  • Easy to clean

So that’s it folks, I highly recommend the OlaSprout spoon for you and anyone else who is about to start feeding their baby solids.  Also, these look super cute in a baby shower “gift basket”… just saying : )

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